Squarefeet Group - Stop Stressing...Start Living

“I being partner of Squarefeet Group would like to thank Espléndido team of Praful sir and Gowri madam on behalf of entire Squarefeet Group.
We had a great time with you all. It was a learning experience and the way the sessions were conducted were worthy of great credits. The interactive discussions and one on one interactions lead to a very positive result and we appreciate the work you guys have done & credit you for the efforts you guys put in behind conducting such sessions.
I hope and know these sessions will bring positiveness and a learning curve. Look forward to see you for more such sessions.
All the Best Guys…. You did Fantastically.”
- Jenish Shah.

“It’s a nice experience, sharing knowledge of Stress & Time Management with Praful Sir and Gowri Madam.
We really learnt to live life without stress as well as how to manage valuable time & its utilization in a great manner.
It’s a great experience than ever before.
Thanks to Espléndido.”
- Vivek  S. Davate

“Very much interactive and valuable seminar. Will surely add some new values and qualities I was lacking.
I will also recommend ro my company to organize seminar very frequently. You both being fantastic people, dint even make us realise how time has passed. Great! Superb! Fantastic!”
- Praveen Jhawar

“Just recollected all the things which I learnt in my P.G. studies, but I was not utilizing in my work. Today after attending the seminar I realised that these are very common things in day to day life, but we ignore. Now, this seminar will help me to work effectively, i.e. managing stress and time.”
Thank you Espléndido Team.
- Manish Solanki

Northpoint Centre of Learning – Conflict to Collaboration

“Team Espléndido,
It was a great session with a lot of practical knowledge. The theory was very well related to real life examples which was very helpful.
The class exercises were fun. Thank you so much.
Keep visiting us at Northpoint student”
- Yogita Agrahar

“Thank you ma’am and sir for coming to our institute and sharing your knowledge and experience.
Being a psychology student helped me to connect to most of the topics and understand myself.
Do come again.
Thank you…..”
- Harleen Kaur

“Productive session. Learnt a lot about Conflict Management. More activities would have been more fun. As conflict is part of our everyday life, we could relate to it.
Thank you for coming.”
- Romi Desai

“Thank you so much for an interesting session on Conflict Management. It was great to know how we can solve conflicts interpersonally as well as on office level. Thanks for the handouts.”
- Divya Menon

Childfest 2015 - Team Work And Time Management

“Truly appreciate the workshop initiative for kids to inculcate in them a sense of Time Management and Team Work, which are very crucial attributes in today’s cut-throat competition. Tanisha thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, which was her First ever Workshop involving group ativities. She talked to me about some key aspects of Time Management and Team work. I liked the way these aspects were introduced to the kids, which is by way of games and interesting activities in groups. This helped her understand the key concepts very easily. So, I would like to thank you for conducting such an engaging Workshop.”
- Samir Pawaskar,
Parent of Tanisha Pawaskar

“It was a wonderful experience for the kids. They learnt how to work in a team and that a team can achieve more than an individual can. Also the kids learnt to schedule their work. Over all it was excellent. My child shared his views that we were not at all bored sitting for 3 to 4 hours. In fact, we felt that Ohhh… the session is over!! As a parent I feel that besides school studies, homework and tutions, such workshops are very necessary to grow the child’s confidence level. Even I got to learn a lot of things from Harsh as he shared his learnings from the workshop. Thank you Gowri Madam and Praful Sir.”
- Teena Chaudhary,
Parent of Harsh Chaudhary

“Thank you Praful and Gowri for the great 2 days Workshop on TW and TM during this Childfest. It was very informative, well organised and full of enjoyable activities for all. My kids shared their excellent experience with me. They got a chance here to express themselves, engaged in new activities, enjoyed Team Work with unknown new friends. They shared their views, abilities and learnt here that alone we can do so little but together we can do much. Also they planned a skit under your guidance which was awesome. The one thing I liked very much in this camp was that each child in each group was equally involved. They learnt here that “how long you spend your time on specific activities & how you can organise your tasks”. Thanks and waiting for your next Workshop on new topics.”
- Manisha Kolhe,
Parent of Nimish Kolhe and Pranjal Kolhe

IT Cube Solutions Pvt Ltd. - Off Site Training on Team Building & Leadership

“Hi Praful and Gowri
I would like to thank both of you for a very interesting and informative training on Team bonding and leadership. The training was planned in a very meticulous way and aligned with our requirements.
The content was of high standard and definitely provided additional knowledge to the team. The activities aligned with the content were very thoughtfully implemented and created a good impact on the participants.
The training style was very participant friendly and ensured that everyone was encouraged to interact and make it lively.
The handouts given are very useful along with the test link provided. I am sure these can be utilized in a very productive way to develop good team bonding spirit and leadership qualities in our team.
We would definitely like Espléndido Soft Skills and Image Consultants to conduct many more such training sessions in the future.”
- Best Regards,
Uday Inamdar | C.E.O. |
ITCube Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Sessions were conducted in a very planned way with a message after each session. Focused on the goals of the session. Should have utilized the evenings for some visuals/movies & fun activities.”
- Jeshthal Sheth (BPO Head )

“Program is good. Good presentation with explanation and examples. Our team will definitely benefit from this program. The Activities were well organized.”
- Madhavi Gokhale (Manager HR BPO)

“Activities conducted were very good. Team was engaged in all the activities. All leadership skills given will be useful to team members.”
- Gaurav D Khatpe (Operations Manager)

“Good point was explaining points by a activity / tasks. Time management was very good. Enjoyed the “Fun & Learn” module. Hope for more interesting sessions going forward.”
- Lokesh Jawale (Group Leader)

“The session was very helpful & which will help me to explore and enhance my skills in my professional life”
- Avinash B Gaikwad (Sr.Quality Analyst)

“Very well conducted session. Can be more informative & interactive. We like the presentation and the thought process. Hope to have many more sessions with you Guys!
Thanks for sharing your valuable time to guide us!!”
- Mugdha Chavan (Team Leader)

“Very apt and different way of sharing knowledge about Leadership / Team building. Keep up the good work of constantly improving / motivating people across the globe.
I have personally learnt a lot from the sessions. Good luck to the Team!!”
- Pushparani Mudaliyar (Final QA / Trainer)

“The training was nicely conducted. It was very helpful in our day to day office work like how to manage the team, how to handle certain situation and do not panic in bad conditions.
We learnt a lot about motivation, teamwork, adopting change, sharing feedback with your team in a proper way and at time also pat them with good gesture that puts confidence in that individual. When you share feedback also bring certain positive points which that individual has.”
- Devendra Patil (Group Leader)

“Activities were very innovative and provided self awareness on various situations we face during day to day life. Helped to learn from the mistakes.
Very interactive and confidence building. Could have provided few audio and video lessons as well.”
- Sourabh Parui (Group Leader)

“Interesting and innovative learning experience. Information provided was precise, accurate & sensible. Feel rejuvenated after attending the sessions. The effort taken by both the trainers was amazing. Overall experience was satisfactory.
This training is definitely going to help me & the entire team to achieve further goals & tasks in a systematic way.
Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot…”
- Abhijeet Kadhale (Group Leader)

“Was a very good session. Have known about myself along with the leaders & management of my company. Always had few of the points in my mind about areas of improvement, but never knew how that can be implemented.
So by this session they came up with an inspiration & motivation for me and how I can implement them in myself, analyze the growth and then use it along with my team mates.”
- Darshan B Lokhare (Group Leader)

“Good trainer. Good Subject Topic. Presentation skills was perfect. Comparision with other ideas was perfect. Good speaker. It was a great experience to have such wonderful session.”
- Letkholun Haokip (Team Leader)

“Activities conducted were very good. Team was engaged in all the activities. All leadership skills given will be useful to team members.”
- Gaurav D Khatpe (Operations Manager)

“Very nice session. Taught me the right way to tackle the situation. Made me more confident about myself. Learnt many new things that can help me to grow & will also help others to grow.”
- Dr. Harshada Kulkarni (Group Leader)

“Session was well organized and planned. Activities were good and we learnt how to tackle the situations from it, especially the Treasure Hunt. Like Praful said, we will anchor those memories and learnings from the session.”
- Avdhut Lale (Group Leader)

“Both trainers have superb experience, which were shared during the session. These real examples makes you a speaker.
You should keep doing indoor indoor and out door activities which keep the session live. (which we enjoyed the most and came to know our team mates as we all are from different projects.
Given a chance would like to attend more sessions.”
- Nikhil A.Tanpure (Quality Representative)