Northpoint Centre of Learning

Conflict Management : Conflict To Collaboration

Conflict: a word that indicates argument, disagreement, war etc. It happens due to various reasons and has no specific reason or age limit. Conflict can happen between two people, a group of people, two nations or between our conscious and sub conscious mind.

As we grow in age and by knowledge, we develop our own style of behaviour based on our backgrounds, surroundings, culture, people etc. We tend to get affected by them in different ways and either respond or react to them. This style of responding or reacting may become the cause of starting a conflict or ending one.

Northpoint Centre of Learning gave the platform to its Post Graduate students to understand the importance of resolving a conflict situation through our detailed session where in they were taken through theoretical and activity based training.

The heart of the training was in facilitating the participants with the required knowledge on Conflict and its resolution. Various ideas were shared between the trainers and the participants in the form of a very healthy and intellectual discussion. Experience sharing by the participants was the highlight of the session as it was the key, following our motto: Sharing is Learning.

The session helped the students at the right time in their career to understand the importance of this topic as they are embarking on the career wagon very soon and will be involved in a job or business where they will be part of a team. This knowledge and practices will hopefully make them a better team player and wiser person who believe in avoiding or resolving conflicts in the right manner for the right reason.

The future of Skilled India lies here in these bright students who have a very wonderfully different approach to looking at problem resolution. Empowering them is always a feeling of satisfaction.